Okey, This week is the time we've been waiting for. There are alot of things that we expect from the show and
I hope it won't be disappointed.

8:00 PM The show starts with a very long introduction from the hosts about the show condition and the voting process.

The show theme for this week is Country style music.

First Performance: the show was introduced with the song from the judges. Judge Reach start show with the a beautiful song, and then Judge Kanha continued the second verse. Then switch to judge Rith with another song and a verse. Then came the Judge Sovath. It's kind of short introduction from judges to show their skills. Judges' show finished.

Hosts introduce all four judges officially and aske judges to make comments on their expectation from tonight's candidates.

8:35 Judge gave comments.
8:50 First performance by Soeum Somnith (Som Jet Som Sneah)

Song choice: It's good song choice but not the best.
Performance: One the best candidates of the show. His song choice is OK, but isn't great for me. I didn't see any wow moment in the song. I think he's a good performer though, he showed good confidence and interaction with his audiences.
Judge comments: Reach said he's more confident and has delivered good performance. The vocal isn't good.
J. Sovath: More confident, better than previous performance.
Kanha: voice isn't strong in the song.
Rith: confident.
Prediction: I think he's safe for this week.

9:00 Second performance: Ny Rathana (Yerng Nak Sreah Trov Cheu Nak Sreah Doch Knea)

Judge comments: Sovath said good performance but vocal isn't that good a bit pitchy. From Rith was clever song choice that he change arrangement a little bit.
Prediction: I think he's safe for this week.

9:10 Lonn Soben (Antong Sneah)

Good song choice, because he can do a lot with the song.
Vocal: he has sweet nice voice, but didn't bring the vibration.
Song arrangement: He did so little with  the song, but I like to slow tempo of this version of the song.
Judge comments: Kanha and Reach do not like the vocal because he didn't try to hit high note. Reach said he didn't take risk. Sovath said he should bring the power he had in singing pop songs to this country style song.
Prediction: Safe.

9:30 Soa Oudom (Yap Nis Yap)

Song choice: fun song, good song choice.
Vocal: he has deep strong voice.
Performance: Overall good, just one point that he lost the word.
Judge comments: Rith, Reach, Kanha, praise his voice and the unexpected song choice. J.Sovath also praises him that he can sing the song that well even though it's one of the difficult songs to sing.
Prediction: Safe.

9:40 Kouy Ratin (Job Bakdoup Bat Sneah)

Song choice: No, he's quite frustrated in singing this song.
Performance: I really expect more from this song, I think it should be switched a little bit, the arrangement or maybe make it.
Judge comments: Sovath said he sing on the top of his tongue too much. Kanha, Rith praised his voice that he can sing any songs.
Prediction: Bottom three.

9:45 Sun Chanthorn (Nirk)

Song choice: I guest it's poor song choice, it show nothing about lively personality that we love about her.
Performance: I guess her worse performance or the worse of the night.
Judge comments: Kanha criticized her performance but praised her hard work. Sovath said it was not her day today, not good as his expectation.
Prediction: Bottom three.

10:05 Eng Tongleng (Rhythm Of The Rain)

Song choice: Worse song choice of the night definitely.
Performance: Worse performance of the night. I really can sing the song. All judges really love him, but I hardly understand what he's singing, and I totally disagree with them.

10:15 Meas Monyreach (Srok kroch Chmar Sneaha Khnom)

Song choice: good song choice perfect for his voice.
Performance: confident, average for me, just a safe performance not much to remember.
Judge comments: good sweet voice, they all said he did well.
Prediction: Safe.

0:25 Young Nita (Koun Brosa Tver Sreah Mae Men Penh Jet)

Song choice: not a good song choice, she should have choosen other song.
Performance: she sang quite good though, her voice is beautiful and country type so it's good theme for her.
Judge comments: all judge agree she did good job.
Prediction: Safe.

10:45 Eam Vanny (Luok Krobei Pruos Mae)

Song choice: good song choice, it's familiar for all people.
Performance: the theme is fit for his type of voice and style so he has the advantage. He sang with great confidence. He has delivered the song very well and smoothly.
Judge comments: Sovath and Kanha all loved his sweet voice. J. Rith hoped he will go to the next round, J. Reach said the song is perfect for his voice.
Prediction: Safe.

10:50 Mao Hachi (Pu Moto Doup)

Song choice: safe song choice.
Judge comments: J. Kanha loves his voice, Rith said he has unique voice. Reach has one word for him good performance. Sovath said he has good deep voice and he's handsome.
Prediction: Safe.

11:00 Sovathdy Thearika (Rous Rer Besdong)

Song choice: good song choice.
Performance: good performance with strong confidence.
Judge comments: Sovath said she's safe for this week.
Prediction: Super safe.

11:10 All candidates complete performance
11:15 Open for voting, voting duration 20 minutes.

Commercial Break, waiting for result from voting..........

11:50 Finally the result came out, the winners are:
1. Kouy Ratin
2. Young Nita
3. Ny Rathana
4. Sovathdy Thearika
5. Meas Monyreach
6. Mao Hachi
7. Sun Chanthon
8. Iem Vanny
9. Soa Oudom
10. Soeum Somnith
11. Eng Tongleng

Go home, Lonn Soben.............
Come on.........I didn't expect that he finished this so soon!!