After last week's experience of the country songs, this week we are expecting more from the remaining contestants as they are about to perform the rock songs. It would be a very enjoyable live show.

1. Eng Tongleng
Song: Mlob Thnaot Ram Noy
What an awkward diversity for this guy, it seemed like he has only a few supporters according to the Facebook comments on his video that I have read. This week, he didn't make an impressive opening to the show. In contrast, judges gave him somewhat good compliments, but I guess they just pity him.

2. Soa Oudom
Song: Srolanh Srey Duong
From what we saw, he's recovered from his mistake of keeping forgetting lyrics, good for him. Judge Sovath used to praise about his super-star-like appearance. I would agree with Judge Bayarith about the point that he was not lively enough to match with the song he chose.

3. Meas Monyreach
Song: Mean Thmey Mdech Men Brab?
I was shocked the moment he missed the rhythm of the song, yet it was ignored by the judges. In overall, he brought so much joy to the audience, but he should take care well of his health to prepare for this important show. I can tell that he will be safe for this week.

4. Eam Vanny
Song: Cham Borng Mean Sen
I don't think he made a new version of this song like Judge Bayarith said. He just made a new version of himself differently from all of his past shows, and it was more than acceptable for us.

5. Sun Chanthon
Song: Baok Kon Chhrouk Tov Leng Srok
Her ability is declining week by week from my point of view, and the stage fright was not improving at all, though she is improving on her appearance. But it would not help her to win over this competition.

6. Mao Hachi
Song: Baok
He has many fans as I can see in Cambodian Idol official facebook page, again he did well this week. Nothing much to say, he would be one of the runner-ups for the the week 3 live show.

7. Soeum Somnith
Song: Bak Chontol
He was the best in tonight's show, he was doing a super great job. Everyone got high by his performance. He got many likes from the judge.

8. Sovathdy Thearika
Song: Vaen Ta Kmao Aov Sbaek
It was fun watching her show, she was the sweetheart of all audiences. She has a marvellous voice, and I really admire her strength and courage she has gathered for coming to this competition.

9. Kouy Ratine
Song: Sok Sok Mok Sneah Borng
He was not the best for tonight, though she shows the consistency in his ability in every show, it's dangerous to stay the same while everyone else is improving, the chance might slip away sooner or later.

10. Ny Rathana
Song: 2 Madong 2
It was not a memorable show, but we saw his hard work in the show. All contestants should be concerned more about choosing the songs to perform. Sometimes, popular songs or judges' owned songs do not work at all to get the votes.

11. Young Nita
Song: Kom Barom Tha Oun Men Smos
She didn't delivered the song very well, her transformation wasn't successful, quite a disappointment for her fans. Never mind, she's still young, she may come back here again if she didn't make it tonight.

Here are the winners of the week, ordered by the most votes to less:
1. Mao Hachi
2. Sovathdy Thearika
3. Eam Vanny
4. Ny Rathana
5. Soeum Somnit
6. Kouy Ratine
7. Sun Chanthon
8. Meas Monyreach
9. Soa Oudom
10. Young Nita

Good luck to Young Nita!!

Some aspects of live show week 2:
- We didn't get any good comments from the judge Kanha and Reach.
- As a television show, please at least show somewhere on the screen the names and numbers of the contestants, it will be more convenient for the voters to vote for their favourite idols.
- Too many of Judge Preap Sovath's songs chosen by the contestants.