After saying goodbye to Eng Tongleng last week, the remaining contestants have to face another challenge this week as there will be 2 contestants being kicked out of this competition. They have to be prepared as the competition has become tougher and tougher now. This week everyone has to perform one of Cambodian oldies song, wish everyone the best of luck.

No 1. Mao Hachi
Song: Battamborng Bondol Jet
Judge Sovath show his support for Hachi again this week as his ability is really appreciated by all judges. However, I would suggest him to bring out something more remarkable than this.

No 2. Sovathdy Thearika
Song: Yob Nis Het Avey Khnom Pruoy
This lovely girl always makes a surprise for everyone, she was the main actress, and in love with herself by showing adding great emotions into the song during her performance. Judges adore her, Judge Sovath even gave her a YES without waiting for the result.

No 3. Eam Vanny
Song: Pka Rik Knong Jet
We wouldn't worry much about this guy as he is a versatile person. He could sing whatever comes to his mind. And it was yet another amazing show from him this week, and it was impressed by all judges.

No 4. Ny Rathana
Song: Slerk Cheur
No doubt that he has come this far in the competition, he did a great job again this week, All judges really love him, and gave him good compliments for his show.

No 5. Soa Oudom
Song: Khnom Srolanh Srey Touch
He has chosen an impressive song, and owned the whole stage with his lively personality. He showed a strong potential to secure his position for the next round.

No 6. Soeum Somnith
Song: Kherng Pruos Srolanh
I must agreed with Judge Sovath that he was not really himself during the show, this should be forgiven though.

No 7. Meas Monyreach
Song: Thgai Saek Borng Lear
I guess everyone was enjoying his show as I was, I admire the flexibility of his voice, and he can sing oldies!!! He might be the strong competitor to the others.

No 8. Kouy Ratine
Song: Phnom Pros Phnom Srey
I still prefer the taste Rin Saveth used to give in the song. He has the appearance, no one can deny it, I hope he could have done better than this.

No 9. Sun Chanthon
Song: Pka Rik Ler Mek
She was more confident than last week as she could perform her favourite song. Judge Sovath really enjoyed her show, and already wanted her to go on the next round. However, she has more advantage this week as singing oldies is her strong point.

No 10. Young Nita
Song: Tom Mun Sro Kiel
All judges were very impressed by her performance, but can she secure her place for the live show week 4? that's the question. She hardly survived the place last week, however, she did a great job this time.

Here are the winners of the week, randomly ordered:
- Mao Hachi
- Sun Chanthon
- Ny Rathana
- Meas Monyreach
- Soa Oudom
- Sovathdy Thearika
- Eam Vanny
- Soeum Somnit

Goodbye to Young Nita and Kouy Ratine. Watching them go was hard, but who knows, it may be another good start for both of them.
Another week has passed, someone has to be sent home every week. There is always sad and happy moment for each of contestants. But to be an idol for Cambodia, and get the precious prize, it requires hard work, sacrifice and passion, it's also about how much you have and how you deliver them.