Hello everyone,
 I would like to share with you about my trip from Chaing Mai, the northern part of Thailand to Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. Because there is no any information about this way, so I share with you as following.

In January 2014, I went to join my best friend’s wedding at Tmor Sor, Koh Kong province, Cambodia, while I was in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. I am writing here to share my traveling experience. Travelling with inadequate information about the way, it does higher cost.

I have explored many websites about how to get the border check-point Thai-Cambodia closed to Koh Kong. I found no information about directing way from Chiang Mai to Khmer-Thai border check-point (Thai people called Hard Leak). However, there has only information from Bangkok to Hard Leak.

So, I decided to go Bangkok and stayed for a night at a hotel closed to Victory Monument, where there are a lot of vans along the main roads waiting passenger. There are many cheap flies from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. I comment you to take Lion Air or Airasia. The ticket price is not more than 1500 Baht. I took lion air only 815 Baht free 15 kg luggage.

I arrived at Doung Maung Airport at 4:00 pm. Then I took the public bus from the airport Mor Chit BTS Sky train (30 Baht), continued to a hotel nearby a victory moment, which was 700 Baht per night.

At 8:00 am in the morning, I took a van which costs 300 Baht to Trat province, spent three hours to get Trat bus station. There are a lot of taxis there welcoming you. Taxi drivers will ask you where you are going to. If you want to reach the border, please do not take any private taxis besides van costs only 100 Baht, while taxi charges you 800 Baht.

I reached the border safe and sound around 3: 00 pm. Then, I took motor service from the border to Koh kong city costly 100 Baht. It spent only 30 minutes to reach the city. Please bear in mind that if you want to take a bus from Koh Kong to other provinces you have to arrive the bus station before 11:00 am otherwise you will miss the bus line. I do not know now the bus companies extend their service times yet or not. What I knew was in 2014.

It’s time backs to Chiang Mai. I got the border (Cambodia side) around 10:00 am. I waited the van around 30-50 minutes to catch the van to Trat Bus Station, arrived the station at 11: 00 am. I immediately walked to the bus ticket seller. I asked a seller that “how could I go to Chiang Mai?” The seller said that I had to take the bus from Trat to Rayong or Pataya, and then took the bus to Chiang Mai directly by not going to catch the bus in Bangkok. This was very quick and saved cost. Yet, it was a totally wrong suggestion. I followed the seller comment by taking van which cost 300 Baht to Rayong and arrive there around 4:00 pm, but there were no tickets left to Chiang Mai. Then I decided to take a bus from Rayong to Bangkok costly between 120 Baht to 150 Baht.

Last but not least, I successfully arrived at Mor Chit bus station. I bought VIP bus ticket cost 610 Baht to Chaing Mai using Sambat Tour Company.  The bus is very comfortable (recommended). I departure from Bangkok at 6:00 pm and arrived Chiang Mai at 5:00 Am.

In short, travelling is a good lesson for strengthening your life stronger day-by-day. Sometimes, it was very tired, but a great value in return. My comment here is that before going somewhere, searching and storing information as much as you can. This saves time, money, least risks.

Good luck for your trip.