Hot milk and cold milk have different effects

What is our habit is we always keep milk in a refrigerator, and never take it out until we want to drink it. In Ayurveda, which is an indian style of treating diseases, it is said that milk should be taken hot. Milk is full of nutrition and it boosts the immune system, but it is a kind of food that is difficult to digest when taken cold and will become a burden to digestion.
One more point, Ayurveda also says that milk should be taken alone, not mixed with other kinds of food except some sweet food, but to surely gain benefit from milk, we should drink HOT MILK WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH.

From another point of view, cold milk may attracts more bacteria than the hot one, because some bacteria gets killed when heated. Also cold milk contains frozen oil, which can block the arteries and cause heart problems in the future.

It is interesting. Ayurveda only said about the change in the nature of milk.