Hello Everyone, Today I want to share something I've learned from a book I just finished reading. I hope it's useful for you all.

Financial success is one of the important thing that one need to become successful person. It's even become the foremost criteria for a person to be seen by others as successful, however it's never been easy to have financial success for a lot of people.

So here are two rules for acquiring wealth and be success from best selling book "The Richest Man in Babylon"
Rule 1. Pay yourself first
For all the money you earned is yours to keep. Keep at least 10% of what you earn before you spend on anything else. This maybe simple but if you do it, you will be amaze how much money you have at the end of every year.

Rule 2. Let your money work for you
Money is a product that can generate more money. If you have followed rule number one, don't put money you've earn sit in the bank and so nothing. Your money is your slave that need to work for you and earn more money for you. Save it in the bank that will provide you the highest interest rate and let the compound interest work for you. You will see how much money you will gain after 5 or 10 years. Or invest your money in something that will guarantee you the profits.

To achieve above rules you need to live by these principle:
      Learn to live on less than what your earn
You won't be able to save not less 10% if you can't control your expenditure.
       Seek advice from those who competence in their field
If you want to invest your money in stock market, you must ask those who best in this field so won't lose your money
       Learn to make your money work for you
If you have enough money and can put them to work , you don't have to work anymore.
       Don't loss your money
In investment or in anything, be cautious all the time with what you do with your money. Don't loss it.