I want to have a habit of getting up early in the morning, what should I do?

I want to get up early everyday and feel good about myself, but it's kind of hard to get off the bed when I know that my class will start at 10:00 am or in the afternoon.  I don't know if there are any good strategy for me to follow so I don't have to feel bad every morning.
  • Dara

You should go to bed early, don't be a night owl, you can read or do something to relax your mind for 30 minutes or so before you doze off. When you have a good night sleep, you wouldn't hesitate to wake up in the early morning. Another thing is, plan out three things you want to accomplish for the following day. That way, you will have a good reason to motivate you when it comes time to rise, good luck.

Let's take a look at this video, it's funny  :D

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My advice is, do not hit your alarm’s snooze button, because it doesn’t give you more of the restful sleep, you will be more tired and wasting your time. So, avoid caffeine intake after mid-day if you are a coffee lover. Be in bed early at night, and get up early at your first alarm in the morning.
  • Udom

Most people don't like to get up early including me, it's fine if we are happy with it. However, there are a lot of good reasons to not wake up late. I've been using a lot of techniques to trick myself to get up early, and here are some of those useful techniques:

Learn from chicken, sleep early and get up early
This sound simple but it's hard to do specially when you have a lot distractions like your mobile phone. it works all the time; if we don't have enough 7 to 8 hours sleep, don't even think of get up early.

Exercise your body and get tired
Exercise is not just good for you body but also good for your sleep. We all know that we fall asleep fast when we are tired and we also have a good deep sleep.

Don't drink coffee or tea at least 4 hours before you sleep
The caffeine stimulate your brain and make you awake, its effect will last for hours so not drinking it before sleep can help us to help good sleep or can sleep early.

Set up a 30 days challenge
You know you want to get up early everyday, so why not make it as a challenge. Make the challenge that you will wake up early no matter what for 30 days with no excuses. You will be amazed by this challenge at the of end it, and after that you won't need to challenge yourself anymore, because 30 days is enough to develop a new habit.

Find something interesting to do in the morning
Have you ever felt that you can't wait until the morning because there's something you really like to do in the morning?
Find something interesting to do early in the morning like go jogging with your favorite friend or call someone you love that make you want to get  up early.

Sleep on the comfortable bed
Good sleeping environment is very important to help you have good deep sleep, your bed should be comfortable and your pillows and blanket too.

Hope these tricks will help.

  • Nutrino