Water Problem in Cambodia

A severe health problem in Cambodia is lacking clean water. It affects every aspect in every day life. Water for drinking, for cooking, etc. By taking in polluted water, toxic substances build up in the body, and by using unclean water for bathing or cleaning, it causes many skin problems. So I think that it is another priority problem to solve in Cambodia. And for charity, instead of donating food or money, people can build water wells, or providing water-filtering machines to people in rural areas.

Yes, you are right, Heak. The improper waste disposal in to lakes and rivers also can cause skin problems. Everyone keeps throwing their trash on the floor behind the building where they cook, clean or live especially plastic bags, without even realizing that the toxins that come from different kinds of their trash can cause a severe trouble to our precious water. We will face the Global Water Shortage sooner or later.
According to a non governmental organisation, WaterAid. There are 33% of people in Cambodia don't have access to safe water, 67% of people don't have access to adequate sanitation in Cambodia, and over 10,000 Cambodian children die each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. Everyone should be alert to this issue, and it's everyone's duty to take an action to prevent any more harm to our water.
  • Udom

Agree, you made a good point here. Cambodia is a country with abundant source of surface fresh water but unfortunately only about haft of us can access to safe drinking water. There are 5 children die everyday due to water related deceases according to UNICEF, so there are a lot of work need to be done specially in rural area. Delivering standard safe drinking water to rural area would be very expensive, but we can do it in the cheap way by just deliver primary safe water like what NGO are doing right now. What they are doing is that to promote portable filter (tank, bucket,etc) usage  either by giving them for free or sell it for cheap price and promote groundwater usage. So yeah, we can prevent children from unnecessary dying like from diarrhea with these simple solution. 

For clean water problems in Cambodia, i think it's just like every other nation specially for developing country. The safe water is getting scarce from day to day due pollution people made.So it will be more and more challenging to provide safe drinking water for people in the future.
  • Nutrino