The picture that would scare you the most if you are forced to enter it, will define your nature

Today I came across a post on about a Personality Test which asking you to choose one of the 8 pictures below that would scare you the most if you think about it being physically in front of you, or even worse is you are forced to enter it, which place would make you be reluctant the most to set foot in?  :Bouaaaaah:

These are the results of the your choices.

1. A snow cave: You are searching peace for your soul. You are afraid of loneliness and the feeling of uselessness in life. You want a free love and you need more care and warmth from people.

2. A dark, old tunnel: You find expressing yourself, your feelings and thoughts in life very hard. You barely trust anybody, and like to keep your feelings and emotions deep in your heart where nobody can see them. If you start talking about your emotions, your life will become much easier.

3. A brick-built ruined old building: You are strong and intelligent person but you are also a closed-minded person. Sometimes, you completely isolate yourself from the rest of world and you don't even want to talk to your parents, friends and relatives. You believe that loneliness is all you need and that nobody needs you, but you must communicate more.

4. An abandoned timbered house: You are full with tenderness and love, you feel like you need to share that with the right person. The thing that you worry about the most is the financial situation. You can get almost anything you wish for, but only with hard work and long-term thinking.

5. A deep well: You are a confident person and you are afraid of isolation, restrictions and lack of freedom. The things you want in your life is happiness and positive emotions. You often feel guilty for your way of life, but you need to stop thinking about that and live the life the way you like.

6. An animal hole: You are afraid of the unknown. You are searching for yourself, to find what your mission and goals are in life. You also like to analyse things that will happen after finishing a goal.

7. A concrete stairs covered with dry leaves, rotten walls: You probably had encountered failures, unpleasant event or big pain in your life before. You are afraid of your past and think that you will fail in your life again.

8. A dark dungeon: You are worthy, persistent and hard working person. Going slowly but surely in your life, you are one step closer to your success and you have a clear purpose, but you also want to have a rest, relaxation and comfort for your soul. Get some rest.

Which one will you choose?

I will choose number 6 because I don't have to feel scary after I entered. Why? Because I'll be bitten by snake once I entered, so scared-less ending.
  • Dara