It's another exiting night of Cambodian Idol on Hangmeas HDTV, Cambodian Idol judges Preap Sovath, Nop Bayarith, Oak Sokunkhanha, and Chhorn Sovannareach now expect everyone's best, even if that means performances that aren't technically perfect. Contestants were forced to work out a song with others and stand out while putting together a cohesive performance. Sounds easy enough, right? We have the weekly recap below.

Group 1: Nguon Bora (leader), Yorn Somnang, Sao Udom, Sean Seyla
Song: Plech Soniya Sayon

What a great start of Theater round this week, I love the team's outfit, spirit and performance, they sang beautifully, together came with great sense of humour. They made a good impression for the audiences and judges. The outstanding team member for me is Udom.
Winners: Yorn Somnang, Sao Udom, Sean Seyla

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Group 2: Meas Monyreach (leader), Chheng Sangha, Khanha Yuti, Chea Sophea
Song: Tov Yok Pdey Barang

The choice of song for this group is quite good, as it can give everyone's chance to show their best voice, however I have no idea why Chheng Sangha was using his voice this way, I only know that it was awful, and irritating to listen. Yuti was giving a nice performance, with her controlled voice.
Winners: Meas Monyreach, Khanha Yuti, Chea Sophea

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Group 3: Hang Rathanak (leader), Suos Som Arn, Meoun Sok Nan, Sok Pakkdey, Som Narak
Song: Berk Seav Pov Khernh Sneah

This group had a mixture of voices, ages and emotions in performance. The overall rating would be 8 out of 10, there was no outstanding individual performance in this team, they all performed well together.
Winners: Sok Pakkdey, Som Narak

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Group 4: Chhun Balu (leader), Ny Rathana, Sothy Panhna, Nut Vannak
Song: Het Phal Sneah

The song performed by this group is very comfortable to listen, as smooth as from the record, great job, guys!
Balu is one of the contestants that I have expected to be in the long run in this competition. I think Nut Vannak's voice is not really suitable for this song, the others has delivered it beautifully.
Winners: Chhun Balu, Ny Rathana

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Group 5: Yorng Nita (leader), Long Da Mi, Nguon Srey Pheap, Kroch Poly
Song: Tuos Borng Chet Akrork Kor Oun Srolanh

The outstanding voice for me was from Nguon Srey Pheap, the girl in pink dress. The overall performance was sensational, everyone came up with confidence, and great personality.
Winners: Yorng Nita, Nguon Srey Pheap

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Group 6: Lun Soben (leader), Eng Srey Oun, Sim Kim Leang, Marn Chantha
Song: Kuos Tvea Besdong

Kim Leang has brought us again with sweetness and laughter, not by her singing voice, but her character and speaking voice. However, she didn't show her best part in this performance, and let Srey Oun took over her. For the guys, Soben has more potential.
Winners: Lun Soben

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In conclusion, only a few groups have made great teams, and delivered the song perfectly. As for the judges, I would suggest to make it shorter for the comment if they all have the same idea, since there was a lengthy section of Judges' comments for each group.
I will continue the recap review for the other groups in my next post, thanks you all for reading my post.