This is the last part of my recap review for Cambodian Idol Theater round 1, let's have a look together.
If you are interested to see the first two parts of my review, please click Part 01 and, Part 02.

Group 13: Suon Sovan Channy (leader), Touch Seak Meng, Sarn Srey Nich, Sun Chan Thida
Song: Songsa Khnom Nerk Nak Phseng

Seak Meng has delivered the song beautifully, the rest seemed to have a hard time when reaching the high pitch of the song.
Winners: no one

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Group 14: Earm Vanny (leader), Mao Hachy, Mao Chan Dina, Preoung Phorn
Song: Pderm Sneah krorm Domnork Terk Phleang

The choice of song of this song was not interesting, as it is slow, and not really required high vocal technique. However, they have brought a nice start and end to the song.
Winners: Earm Vanny, Mao Hachy, Mao Chan Dina, Preoung Phorn

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Group 15: Korng Darith (leader), Vathanak Phumy, Bolam Kakrai, Yerm Vandy
Song: Dormner Chhlorng Daen

They made this emotional song more sensational, great work from these gentlemen. But the judges weren't very impressed with them, based on what we saw, Phumy had the poor evaluation from the judges.
Winners: Bolam Kakrai, Yerm Vandy

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Group 16: Parn Khaem Theavy (leader), Pao Sina, Hey Chanya, Bun Chantha
Song: Khom Chet

It's still my favourite song, Khom Chet, from judge Nop Bayarith. But this last group did not take the audiences' breath away, as we could see, they made a bad teamwork, not cooperate together very well during the show. It was quite a disappointment for me.
Winners: Pao Sina, Bun Chantha

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There will be 32 strong contestants joining Cambodian Idol Theater Round 2 on Sunday 23 August 2015. The judges will pair the contestants into 16 groups, and let the members in each group work out a song battling each other. Please stay tune for my review on this Sunday.